ADL Aged Cheddar Program

aging programCanadian Cheddar is world renowned for its unique flavor and aging techniques. ADL has been producing some of the finest Canadian Cheddar for the past 55 years. Using fresh milk direct from PEI farms gives ADL the unique advantage of capturing the regional attributes contained in the salty ocean breezes mixed with the lush rolling pastures.

ADL Aged Cheddar is naturally aged and rigorously tested and graded before being offered for sale. ADL uses time honored cheddar recipes which do not include “modified milk ingredients” or “Aging Enzymes”. Our production processes remain true to traditional cheddar making techniques and our head cheese maker has over 35 years experience.

When it comes to naturally aged cheddar ADL has a wide range of selections that offer clean sharp flavor along with a smooth creamy texture. Our finest include ADL “Extra Old”, “Two Year Old” and “Three Year Old” cheddar products. Our select aged cheddars are versatile so as to be enjoyed as a snack, served with fine wine or part of just about any favorite recipe.

ADL Aged Cheddar is recognized across Canada and Internationally. Our Cheddar and Dairy products are known for their high quality and craftsmanship. Our continued success will rely on our commitment to provide the best service and products possible to new and existing customers.