Perfection Evaporated Milk

ADL-CM-025Evaporated Milk is produced from fresh milk by removing half its water through a vacuum procedure after which it is homogenized, packaged and sterilized. This process makes the milk become richer and creamier. The product can be used as a low fat alternative for heavy cream in sauces, soups, gravies and coffee or tea, it can also be used for making donair sauce. Mix equal parts of evaporated milk and water to substitute for fluid milk in most recipes such as breads, muffins, soups, sauces, mashed potatoes and custards.

Ingredients: Evaporated Milk, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Ascorbate (VitaminC), Carrageenan, Vitamin D3

Packaging: Poly wrapped trays with case label which contains, Brand name, Production Code, Expiry Date, Unit amount and weight, Registration # and SCC barcode

Sizes Available: 370 ml can (Bulk condensed also available per customer spec)

Shelf Life: 15 month from date of packaging

Transport Condition: Clean truck, ambient temp, truck must be heated in winter months Dec 1 – March 31

Private Label: Available please contact us for more information

Kosher: Yes (by Kashruth Council of Canada)

Perfection 2% Milk is also available.


Chemical/Physical Properties

Component Minimum
 Fat (%) 7.50%
Total Solids (%) 25.00%


Commercially sterile <1 CFU MFHPB-01


Best before and product code i.e.
BB/MA 2014 AL 04
R3612 1304451
BB/MA = best before, 2014 = year
AL = April and 04 is the 4th of month
R3612 = plant registration, 13 = year
044 = day of year, 5 = 7.5% Fat and 1 is the first batch of day

Pallet Configuration

# of tiers per pallet   6 tiers
# of cases per tier   15 cases
# of cases per pallet   90 cases

Nutritional Information

evap nutrition

For more information, contact:

Phone: 1-902-888-5017