Animal Welfare

ADL Animal Welfare Statement 2022


Amalgamated Dairies Limited (ADL) and its producer-owners place top-priority on the care and well-being of each animal on the farm. The dairy industry’s prosperity and viability depend on the daily care and attention received by each animal on-farm. ADL producer owners know the health and well-being of their animals are tied to their success and sustainability.

ADL collaborates with Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island, Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture & Land, and other industry stakeholders to ensure animal welfare laws, regulations and guidelines are appropriate and enforced.

Customers can expect that all milk that is received and processed by ADL into high-quality products comes from farms that adhere to animal care and well-being industry standards including the Code of Practice for Dairy Cattle1. ADL will not accept milk from farms that are proven and credibly shown to be uncompliant with industry animal welfare laws and regulations.

ADL expects all farms shipping milk to ADL to conform, at minimum, to industry-established Provincial and Canadian standards.

1. Code of Practice for the care and handling of farm animals – Dairy Cattle, 2009. National Farm Animal Care Council, ISBN 979-0-9812240-1-5.